Utec Consulting

We begin as an architect and design office, owned by Utec Consulting, a local construction company in Skellefteå.

First software

Using a combination of manual calculations and function-specific software on an HP machine, we start selling truss designs to a local truss producer.

DOS-based TrussCon

We develop our first (DOS-based) version of TrussCon, exclusively for our truss-design department.


The first version of TrussCon is delivered to external customers in Sweden. It is the first truss design software developed for the new Windows OS.


Starts as a University project that aims to simplify the process of creating a hip for a Danish customer. The first version is used for drawing roof surfaces, while TrussCon is used as the design software.


A part of the locally owned company Consultec is sold to MiTek. We are now changing our name to CSCE.

Pamir usage

Pamir is now the dominating truss design software in many countries, including Sweden, Norway, UK, France and Poland.