Cheap and efficient

Stud framing

The wall framing functions as a support for the roof and is responsible for the stability of the entire building. Traditionally, this was done with logs or bricks but has been modernised through the years. Today, stud framing is the most common wall type. The main advantages of stud walls are cheaper production and better insulation. Many modern brick and plaster walls also use stud framing because of these advantages.

Save time


Prefabricated wall panels are becoming increasingly popular on the Swedish market. The main advantages compared to the site-built stud walls are the quality assurance possible due to assembly in a controlled environment and a faster erection at the building site. Today, many manufacturers offer complete prefabricated modules where wall panels are attached to ceiling and floors, reducing the erection time on site even further.

Quick and easy


Pre-cut wall panels can be assembled quickly on site without any site cuts needed, reducing the build time and the risk of human error. Depending on the equipment used, member markings and connection points can be made directly on the member to make the site-assembly run even smoother. Pre-cut wall panels are also more efficient during transportation.